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Viva land '' Deserving the best"

Within the range of its unique and exclusive client services, Viva today launches a new service - Viva Land, which is one in a long series of innovative, communicative and entertainment services that are the gateway to a more comprehensive range of content services which comprises a variety group of educational, interactive and recreational services via SMS and MMS.

Viva PR & Communications Manager, Hind Al-Nahedh says that the new package of services introduced would meet the needs of clients, 'deserving the best',
Viva's VAS new content launch would enable clients to choose their best service categories, which includes news casts from CNN and BBC and also from Arabic channels such as Al-Jazeera both in Arabic and English, in addition to local and international news bulletins.
It also offered weather, sports, business, entertainment and other reports.
Recitations from the Holy Quran, prayers, hymns
A vast collection of services such as consultancies, prayer timings, daily talk, daily du'aa, programs such as 'In the Realm of Allah' and 'In the Realm of the Prophet',
Quranic interpretations in addition to a wide range of religious additions comprising religion-inspired background displays, mosques, recitations of hymns and verses of the Holy Quran.
It also offeres artistic services for ladies through which women would be able to receive daily tips on the mobile in various spheres of interest. 'Moreover, the launch also included entertainment and amusement services, which comprised movie videos, comic strips, sports footages, documentaries and other many other services, and clients would be able to forward any of these items to family members and friends, which made the launch yet more exclusive and unique.


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