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how to spot a liar

Spotting a liar may not be difficult for you any longer, these r the tips help you to catch such behaviour clues as can help determine whether or not someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Liars, generally, can give themselves away by saying the wrong thing or having a particular tone or body language.
1.vocal tone :Liars can't help feeling a bit nervous when telling a lie, and to hide this nervousness, they will try to keep their vocal tone very stable and their voice can come out as a monotone.
when the pitch of a person's voice rises higher than usual while answering any questions, this signals that the vocal chords are constricting under the pressure of telling the lie, and that the liar has forgotten to keep the vocal tone stable.

2.A choking or catching sound in the voice is a sign of anxiety, and a signal that a person is literally choking on their words because they are uncomfortable saying them.
If they start using an angry tone and are being evasive, one can bet that they are getting fed up with being caught out on dangerous ground.

3.liars tend to tell a story that is overloaded with detail. skilled liar would know that giving too much detail in a story can be a giveaway, and thus give the least possible detail in an explanation.

4.Body language :it provide important clues about liars. A liar doesn't want to appear evasive so take note if they make eye contact for longer than is natural.
An inexperienced liar avoids eye contact so also watch for their eyes constantly flicking away.

5. The author people to take notice whether a person covers his/her mouth while speaking, as this is a defensive gesture typical of liars.

6.Other defensive body language could be crossing arms behind the neck and leaning away from someone.
A practised liar may not squirm in their chair but watch for other telltale signs of anxiety such as foot shaking, finger tapping or hand wringing as they answer your questions.

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