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New turn in Sister Abhaya case

In Sister Abhaya case, the expert study of the CD of narco analysis of the three main accused in the case have been proved tampered and edited.
The narco analysis CD was examined by experts at the Centre for Imaging Technology (C-DIT) as per the direction of the Ernakulam Chief Judicial Magistrate Court .
The high court had earlier held CBI for not submitting the original CD on the narco analysis of the three main accused in the case. However, the CBI pleaded innocence and told the court that if the CD was tampered, the tampering should have taken place in the Narco analysis lab in Bangalore where the narco analysis was conducted.
The court decided to seek the service of forensic experts when the Bangalore
lab also refused to acknowledge any tampering in the CDs.
The verification of the CD was done in the presence of the Advocate Commissioner appointed by the court. According to experts who analysed the CD, both the audio and video tracks of the original CD were heavily edited. There were also indications that the copy of the CD on narco analysis presented in the High Court was not original. Earlier, the Bangalore lab had claimed that only minimum editing required as per the technology was done on the CD.As per the prime explanation, it was said that the accused have agreed to the crime. The case is now on a turning point with the findings that the tapes were tampered with even before handing over it to CBI.It was on the month of February 2009 that CBI presented the original CDs in the court after taking evidence from Forensic Laboratory director Mohan and assistant director Malini. The Narco test was conducted on the three accused Father Thomas Kottoor, Father Jose Puthrukkayil and Sister Sephi.


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