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Samsung Guru E1107 Solar Guru | Solar Mobile Phone Launched in India

Samsung India has launched their new mobile Guru E1107. It is known as Solar Guru, it is world’s first mobile which work throw solar powered. This mobile Lunched in India. Guru E1107 is allows double charging cellular phone in which solar powered charging is enable along with the typical electric charging. In this mobile, the main source of power will be come from the battery charged by electricity, and when battery become low that time the solar power can be used.One hour of solar charging is providing 5-10 minutes of talk time with another mobile.Before this Samsung has already Blue Earth, which uses solar energy for power in the worldwide marketplace.This phone is design for people in country areas, the phone can also offer to 5-10 minutes of talk-time with one-hour of solar charging. Samsung claims that the battery can reach full power with about 40 hours of solar charging.

Priced-Rs 2799


FM radio

MP3 ring tones

Embedded games

1.52-inch display (screen)

1 MB memory

See more information about this mobile visit following website.


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