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360 mall opening today

With a unique vision, 360 MALL has been created to simply redefine the meaning of luxury shopping in Kuwait.
Inspired by renowned shopping destinations as well as the local culture of Kuwait, 360 MALL embodies the finest of luxury brands, all within a unique ambience.
The brands that are on offer in 360 MALL will position Kuwait amongst global luxury hubs like Milan, Paris, London and New York. Visitors to 360 MALL will find a great mix of high-end luxury icons that include YVES SAINT LAURENT, BURBERRY, COACH, BOTTEGA VENETA and DOLCE GABANNA, all well placed to meet customer shopping needs.
Along with its seven unique experiences that trigger shopping senses, 360 MALL's architectural aesthetics seamlessly blend with the mall’s overall space to enhance the pleasure of shopping. The options to enjoy your stay at 360 MALL are endless.

Visitors can start their shopping journey at the Sun Court, and stop for a relaxing snack at the Gardens, where they will enjoy the uniqueness of the world’s largest indoor vertical garden as well as the water pools that start inside the mall and move out towards the fa├žade. Those interested in architecture can stand and admire the fantastic 16 ft. sculpture in the Star Court or walk through the night or day journeys. Whether it’s the Food Lounge, or the IMAX theatre, or the state-of-the-art entertainment facilities that include the Bowl Room,nfunity, and the Freeze Club, the choice is yours.

For the first time in Kuwait, 360 MALL will include a concierge service, which is set to accommodate visitors’ needs and introduce different hospitality initiatives


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