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Saving Scheme Exclusively for Ladies

There are certain Saving schemes in banking and insuarance sector exclusively for woman

1.LIC Jeevan Bharati
  • Age limit is between 18-55 yrs
  • 50,000-25 lakhs deposit
  • accidenatal insurance along with insurance for heart attack, stroke,blindness etc
  • Money will be provided for treatment of a particular disease until 60 yrs of age
  • You will be given around 50 lakhs if the death is due to accident or results in complete physical handicapped condition
  • Physically challenged kids of the policy holder will get around 5 lakhs for there treatment
  • kids with down syndrome and other disorders will be given inusrance
  • In this policy which will be completed by 15 yrs , after completion of first 5 yrs you will get 20% of total amount and next 20% after 10 yrs.afer 15 yrs u will get 60% along with the bonus
  • After the death of the policy holder the entire amount wil be given to the nominee

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2.South Indian Mahila

South Indian Bank has launched a Savings Bank account exclusively for women called , “SIB: MAHILA’.This packaged savings bank product is linked with recurring deposit with ‘house-to-house’ travel insurance and accident death insurance cover. The account should be opened in the name of a woman in the age group of 18 years and above.

The two variations of the scheme are:
1.Mahila Savings Bank : can be opened with a minimum balance of Rs. 1,000/- and an R.D. for a minimum monthly installment of Rs. 100/- for a minimum period of twelve months

  • Recurring depoist can be from 1-10 yrs
  • Available for residents as well as non-residents.
  • Nomination facility is available.
  • No Tax Deduction at Source on interest earned
  • for accidental death during the first year of policy will be given around 1 lakh

2.Mahila Plus Savings Bank :

can be opened with a minimum balance of Rs. 25,000/- and an R.D. for a minimum monthly installment of Rs. 1,000/- for a minimum period of twelve months.

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3. Federal bank's mahila mitra

  • 18 yrs of age should be completed
  • If there is no balance in your account also u can with draw upto 20,000 from ATM
  • everyday u can withdraw around 50,000
  • the policy holder can start an account for 2 kids(Minor) with zero balance
  • banking internet facility
  • loan processing 50% discount
  • mobil /internet alert available

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4. SBT mahila vikas scheme:

  • This scheme is for woman to start a business of there own
  • Depending on the investement in the business u get from 50,000-25 lakhs should be remiited within 5 yrs
  • after taking loan u can pay after 6 months
  • first year only 8% intrest is taken later as per the other bank rates

Prathibha savings deposit:

  • Women aged 18 years and above
  • Single or joint account may be permitted.Principal account holder should be a female
  • Min balance 250 rs
  • One cheque book free per year
    Free ATM Card. Annual Maintenance Fee applicableInternet Banking with transaction facility
  • Standing Instruction facility may be used for monthly remittance towards Recurring Deposit scheme.
  • No. of transactions in the account may be restricted to 4 per month excluding ATM transactions to avoid misuse of the account.All other terms and conditions as per SB rules, Uni-Suraksha on payment


Girls between 10 and 18 years(On attaining 18 years, account should be converted as a regular account

  • Rs. 100.00 (Penalty to be waived. However balance to be recouped to continue transaction)
  • A/c in Single Name Rs. 2.5 lakhs Jointly with parents Rs. 5 lakhs (as per SB rules)
  • Accident death/Permanent Total Disability Insurance cover of Rs. 5 lacs at a premium of Rs. 50 per year under UNI-Suraksha
  • Free ATM Card. Annual Maintenance Charge Rs.50/- to be waived upto 18 years only)Internet Banking Facility (Viewing only
  • Standing Instruction facility may be used for monthly remittance towards Recurring Deposit scheme. (Free for transfer to another account of the same party)

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5.SBI -SREE sakhthi

  • This scheme is for woman who want to start there own business
  • For projects above 25,000-10 lakhs there is 5% reduction on the total sum

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6.HDFC Bank

1.Easy shop woman's debit card

  • it is an replacement for ATm as well as u can get discounts too
  • You will get a rupee back for every 200rs purchase
  • when u buy gold from shops using this card u will get special discount present in that season
  • card holder Gets 50% discount for one year on locker
  • 2 lakhs accident insurance

Note: This card will be given to woman who has an account in this bank only

2.Woman's Gold credit card

  • Attractive rewards programme*Get 1 reward point for every Rs.150 spent and redeem them against airmiles across leading airlines
  • Wide choice of redemption- MyRewards gives you an array of redemption opportunities for your Points -F rom M icrowaves to refrigerators, from Barbie dolls to latest Fashion labels, we take pride in giving you one of the widest options for getting rewarded! You can also redeem your accumulated reward points for air miles on leading airlines like Jet Airways, Air India, Kingfisher Airlines .
  • Revolving credit facility Pay a minimum amount, which is 5% (subject to a minimum amount of Rs.200) of your total bill amount or any higher amount whichever is convenient and carry forward the balance to a better financial month. For this facility you pay a nominal charge of just 3.25% per month (39% annually).
  • Zero liability on lost cardIf you happen to lose your Card, report it immediately to
  • our 24-hour call centre. After reporting the loss, you carry zero liability on any fraudulent transactions on your card.
  • Interest free credit facility Avail of up to 50 days of interest free period from the date of purchase (subject to the submission of the charge by the Merchant).
    Worldwide acceptance Accepted at over 23 million merchant establishments around the world, including 110,000 merchant establishments in India.

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