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Waxing or Shaving

We are usually faced with the question – is it better to wax or shave?
For years we believed the myth that shaving makes his hair come back thicker and darker. When you are shaving you are only taking off the top of the hair but the hair growth is actually from the root, so I believe that there’s no way that actual hair grows back any quicker or faster by shaving it. Usually our normal hair is long and thus can move and feels smooth – it’s very flexible, but when it’s just coming out the follicle it’s much shorter, it’s not flexible at all, you can hardly move it and therefore if you put your hand across the hairs it does feel that much coarser. Shaving is the same as waxing – your hair won’t grow back thicker either way. But waxing does keep your skin feeling smoother longer, because you pull out the root, and it can take up to three months before the new hair comes through.


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