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Job opportunities exhibition opens,1,500 jobs offered by 50 firms.

Under the auspices of Cabinet Affairs Minister Rawdan Al-Rawdan Kuwait launched the opening of the sixth job opportunities exhibition at the Al-Raya ballroom, Kuwait City.

“This career fair is a national one that aims to actively help our dream of securing employment chances for those looking for them come true, and to help in arranging a direct meeting between Kuwaiti youth and business owners under one roof and to break the psychological barriers so that each side could be introduced to the other’s capabilities.”
“This exhibition also aims at educating graduates on the way of applying to a job and the steps they have to take to facilitate their applications to any job in the private sector. There will also be descriptions for students on how to write up a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV),”
“This kind of expo will allow students to directly market themselves and their qualifications directly with company representatives in the private sector.”
“There will also be daily workshops and seminars until Wednesday, Dec 30. These will include representatives from Parliament, the Ministry of Communication, the Banking sector, from Saudi Arabia on the teaching of ‘amazing training’, investment companies, New Horizon institute and speeches from TV and general media agents,” he added.
“The expo on the other hand will help companies understand the direction of young graduates, their perception of what an ideal job in the private sector and their future outlook. Thus, this will support the governmental program that is working on fighting all the symptoms of unemployment in Kuwait and to devote time, energy and money in social and economic progress.”
Fawzi Al-Magdali, Acting Secretary General to Kuwait’s Government and Manpower Restructuring Program spoke on the achievement that the Program has made in helping graduate and those looking for a job come together under one roof in an exhibition that brings Kuwait’s best private sector companies and institutions.
“Every year we invest in any job expo that we know will generate a greater and greater success. This year we have a larger number of companies who were willing to participate and to listen to the hopes and dreams of the youth and to try their best to make all dreams come true. Through this I would say, we have succeeded in restoring the manpower framework.”

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