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New PC? Install these programs right away

’Tis the season for a new computer. Whether Santa sneaked a PC under the tree or you’ve decided to install Windows 7 onto an older machine millions of Americans this month will be booting up a fresh start. What better time to get your computer on a healthy diet of lean but powerful software and to throw out the bloated junk food that comes prein stalled on many machines?
Here are some free pro grams that’ll help your new PC chug along for many winters to come. (Disclaimer: While most of the Monitor’s soft ware suggestions cover both PCs and Macs Apple fans will need to sit this article out.) Clean sweep: A lot of new computers come loaded up with software that you’ll likely never use. This clutter often called bloatware or crapware pays its way onto your PC in the hope that you’ll buy full versions later. However the junk can also bog down your computer. Winnowing out these stowaways should be your first move. has a free download – $5 donation is suggested – that automatically rounds up many of these unwanted programs and deletes them. Now you really have a clean start.
Free protection: To make sure no other gremlins slip aboard consider downloading security software right away. Forpay software often feels safer but there are several perfectly adequate free options. This year Avast surpassed most antivirus guards as one of the Web’s best. Another cyber superhero Malwarebytes helps sniff out spyware and malicious code. Together the two programs are quite a team.
Getting to the fun part faster: Brand new PCs can be equal parts exciting and bother some. Your (let’s hope) more powerful computer opens up new doors for entertaining software. But the clean slate will demand an afternoon – or per haps an entire weekend – of waiting for programs to install. frees up your day with its setit andforgetit queue. The site has handpicked the best free programs – browsers instant messaging apps and security software (including Avast and Malwarebytes). Click which applications you want and Ninite creates a customised package that downloads and installs each of the programs. —
Times of oman

Rahman to ‘Jai Ho’ Oman on January 21

Singing sensation A.R. Rahman’s Jai Ho…. will reverberate in ROP Wattayah Stadium on
January 21.

The oscar winning singer is visiting Oman, perhaps first time to the Gulf, after winning the coveted award for his heart-rending composition in Slumdog Millionaire.

The 90-member troupe, apart from Rahman, would have stars musicians and instrumentalists including ghazal singer Hari Haran and mesmerising drummer Siva Mani. Oscar winning music director A.R. Rahman has announced that he will undertake a world tour musical concert.

It was perhaps an experience of a lifetime for tens of thousands of music lovers as Rahman is expected to belt out a range of popular hits from Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam movies.

The concert is being organised by Eventful. Ever since his successful Jai Ho concert the people of Oman, especially Indians, have been looking forward to this day (January 21).

Madonna to foray into rock with new album

Pop diva Madonna is planning a foray into the rock genre with her next album. The singer has lined up rock band Pearl Jam producer Brendan O Brien to work on her new tracks.

Madonna is starting her 12th studio album, a follow-up to 2008's Hard Candy, and she's looking to expand her musical style for the next record, reported

The currently untitled record is due for release later this year.

Arthritis? Exercise for less pain

Don't halt exercises just because you have aching knees and joints caused by arthritis.
People with arthritis who exercise regularly report less pain, says a new Mayo Clinic study. Regular, modest exercise improves joint stability and strengthens muscles, says the study. It also improves mood, sleep, energy levels and day-to-day functioning.
When a person avoids exercise, joints become less mobile and the surrounding muscles shrink, causing increased fatigue and pain.
A physical therapist or personal trainer can tailor exercise programmes to health conditions and fitness levels. The key is to choose safe, appropriate activities and to take it slowly at first.
A variety of activities can be safe and helpful for people with arthritis, including:
Range-of-motion and flexibility exercises: Activities such as yoga and tai chi increase joint mobility. Doing range-of-motion exercises in the evening can reduce joint stiffness the next morning.
Low-impact aerobics: Aerobic exercise improves overall fitness and endurance as well as muscle function and joint stability. Low-impact options include water aerobics, swimming, bicycling, walking or using equipment such as treadmills and elliptical trainers.
Strengthening: Strength training builds the muscles around the joints to provide better support. These exercises may be done with one's own body weight for resistance, with hand-held weights, resistance bands or weight machines.
Lifestyle: Many everyday activities -- gardening and housework -- provide the health benefits of moderate physical activities. These findings were published in the December issue of Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource.

Charlie Chaplin to be animated star

Charlie Chaplin is to be brought to life as a cartoon character via an Indian-French collaboration that will see the legendary British comedian featured in an animated television series. DQ Entertainment, an animation and special effects firm based in the southern city of Hyderabad, says it is to reproduce the entertainer's slapstick in 3D and computer-generated images for television.

The eight-million-euro (11.5-million-dollar) project is a joint venture with French media groups Method Animation and MK2, according to the companies. Further details were set to be announced by DQ Entertainment at a press conference in Mumbai on Friday. DQ and Method Animation will make a total of 104 six-minute episodes in India and France, Method's chairman Aton Soumache told AFP in Paris last November. The animated shorts -- aimed at children aged six and above -- will not have any dialogue and are set to hit screens from early next year. 'We've been working for more than a year on the graphics concept to find an original way of adapting Chaplin's world,' said Soumache. 'It won't be a realistic portrayal but more like a puppet in an offbeat universe. We'll put him in modern situations but at the same keeping his poetic, child-like view of the world with a retro feel.' The episodes have been inspired by sketches and gags culled from some 70 short films made by Chaplin involving his trademark bowler-hatted vagabond character sporting a toothbrush moustache, ill-fitting suit and twirling cane. But there will also be original content, Soumache added. London-born Chaplin, who died in 1977, is recognised as one of the most influential and recognisable comic actors and directors of the silent film period. His most famous works include 'The Kid' (1921), 'The Gold Rush' (1925), 'City Lights' (1931), 'Modern Times' (1936) and 'The Great Dictator' (1940). Discussions are ongoing to show the series in France from 2011 as well as in Britain and Germany, Soumache said.

PG Diploma in Clinical Biostatistics & Clinical Data Management

PG Diploma in Clinical Biostatistics & Clinical Data Management:
One year Work and Study Program

Stipend of Rs. 6500/-to 15,000/- per month for 12 months
• Scholarships for selected scholars
• UGC approved program
• 100% banking assistance
• Globally recognized program
• Program lead by eminent Industry leaders
• 100% placement co-ordination and assistance with career design, career guidance, career planning Personality development and grooming school within the campus
• Gain 1 year work experience at ICRC Kard Scientific while you learn.
• Online CDMP E-learning
• Participation in National & International conferences
• Two weeks training in Clinical Biostatistics and Data Management in CMC Vellore

Please also find the pamphlet attached
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