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Ek Tha Tiger Review

Ek Tha Tiger is a 2012 Bollywood romantic  action thriller film starring Salman Khan  and Katrina kaif  in the lead roles. Produced by aditya chopra  and directed by Kabir khan.The expectations  about the movie in general was high.some ended in commenting that it was better than Vinod agent movie starring  Saif Ali khan and kareena had a good collection of around 30 crorers on the first day. The songs were good though the music was familiar to few . As his film touches Rs. 100 crore mark, Salman Khan plans a party in his farm house in Panvel to celebrate Ek Tha Tiger success. The bash would be organised on either Tuesday or Wednesday, reports Mumbai Mirror. "With just three days to go, the entire Salman khandaan is busy helping him make arrangements for the khaana peena. Salman has told them to leave no stone unturned," a source close to Salman told the is a  matter to celebrate  for all Salman khan Fans.

Top Five food for Slimming

Top Five foods  that shouldn't be avoided by slimmer .keep these five items always handy
1)Drink a large glass of lemon water when you wake and then continue to do so every couple of hours throughout the day.You may have to urinate frequently in the first couple of weeks of drinking more but as your body adapts this should soon settle down.
2)Food such as 'whole oats', 'wholegrain wheat or 'wholegrain bread'.  Porridge, Shredded Wheat, Bran Flakes, Weetabix and wholegrain muesli are all good options that will help to keep your energy levels high and your brain functioning well all morning long.
3)Add a little spice to your  chosen  cereal .try adding a teaspoon of ground cinnamon to it.  According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition adding just one teaspoon of ground cinnamon to a high carb meal such as breakfast cereal or rice pudding can slow the rate at which it releases its sugars into the blood stream by up to 34 per cent. This will help you to feel fully fuelled all morning is also  found that adding a little cinnamon to your food can significantly improve brain function, co-ordination and memory too.
4)Avoid Tea, coffee and cola may be what you crave when you're flagging but in the long run they'll leave you feeling drained.  The caffeine they contain stimulates hormones that act in a way similar to 'over revving' an engine. You feel energised for a short while but your body pays the price afterwards when you experience a negative rebound effect.
Far better to slowly cut back on drinks that contain caffeine - no more that one or two a day - and switch to herbal hot drinks instead.  These will help to rehydrate you and balance out those stimulating hormones.
5) Good quality, protein rich foods such as nuts, seeds, beans, pulses, meat, fish and eggs all help to slow down the rate at which foods release their sugars into your blood stream, therefore helping to ensure a more constant stream of energy throughout the day.  Use this to your advantage by adding a handful of mixed seeds to your cereal, putting a dessert spoon of ground almonds in your breakfast smoothie, having a poached or boiled egg with your wholegrain toast or sprinkling a handful of nuts on your porridge.

Festival in Syria Filled with violence

As Muslims in Syria celebrated the second of three days of feasting to honor the end of the holy month of Ramadan, the holiday's message of amity and tolerance contrasted sharply with reality.
At least 100 people were killed Monday morning, including two children and their mother in Daraa, the Local Coordination Committees of Syria opposition group said.
Among them were 10 bodies discovered splayed on the ground in the Damascus suburb of Qaboun. Video posted by activists showed at least one of the victims lying on his back, blindfolded, his arms stretched above his head. Others showed victims with bruised flesh and dark red splotches on their clothes. CNN cannot authenticate the video.
Daraa province, where the conflict began in March 2011 as peaceful anti-government demonstrations, has suffered heightened violence in recent days.
It is also the home province of Vice President Farouq al-Sharaa, who rebels say has defected from the regime
Credit: CNN

South Africa Becomes world Number 1: Test Cricket

South Africa Becomes world  Number 1: Test Cricket
South Africa displaced England at the top of the Test rankings with a 51-run victory in the third Test at Lord's to secure a 2-0 victory in the series. It was a thoroughly merited victory by a side that had dominated the series but England, forced by desperate circumstances to play with daring, went down with a spirit that for a partisan crowd made their failure easier to bear.
For South Africa's captain, Graeme Smith, there must have been just a few flutters of doubt before the greatest triumph of his formidable reign was confirmed and he received the mace from the ICC chief executive, Dave Richardson. He has had too many disappointments for there not to be. It was appropriate that the moment he knew victory must belong to South Africa was when Matt Prior was ninth out for 73 and he plunged for the red ball at first slip with hands like an apple catcher.

South Africa 309 (Philander 61, Duminy 61, Finn 4-75) and 351 (Amla 121, Finn 4-74) beat England 315 (Bairstow 95, Bell 58, Morkel 4-80, Steyn 4-94) and 294 (Prior 73, Trott 63, Bairstow 54, Philander 5-30) by 51 runs

Julayi to be released on Aug 9th

Allu Arjun's forthcoming movie 'Julayi' is gearing up for massive release on August 9 worldwide in 1600 theaters .It has completed censor and obtained clean ‘U’ certificate by the authorities. However, the Malayalam version of Julayi titled ‘Gajapokkiri’ will be releasing on August 17 on the occasion of Ramzan. Ileana is playing female lead in Julayi which is being directed by Trivikram Srinivas. Music of Julayi is by Devi Sri Prasad.


Ingredients :
2 cups red shaped kidney beans (rajma) washed and soaked overnight
3 onions ,finely chopped
2 tomatoes ,finely chopped
2 tsp each ,ginger and garlic paste
2 tsp each,coriander ,red chilli,turmeric and cumin powders
1/2 cup clarified butter
salt to taste
Boil rajma until tender.keep aside.heat clarified butter  and saute onion,garlic and ginger pastes until golden brown.Add tomatoe and stir for 20 min.mix in all the spice powders.Add cooked rajma.Stir and let it simmer for five minutes.Serve hot.

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