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Dendrochilum - Indoor Plant

Dendrochilum :
  • It produces miniature ,fragrant , star shaped flowers that are generally produced in two rows on erect or arching pendant ,many flowered racemes.the stems are ovoid to cylindrical,striped ,sharply reduced pseudo bulbs with green to brown bracts at their base .
  • Of the 263 + species of Dendrochilum, some can have a rangy quality, but the majority are compact plants with closely spaced pseudobulbs. If you provide the basic cultural requirements, a plant can double in size each year and produce a free-blooming specimen plant in a short time. 
  • Site : In summer,provide humid,shaded conditions.In winter , admit full light
  • Temperature :intermediate-warm temp required
  • Water: Pour water freely throughout, sparingly in winter

Doormat Decor

Doormat Decor
 Materials required: 
  • canvases-3
  • Rubber doormat
  • Paint 
  • Spray paint
  • Roller paint brush
Method: First  paint your canvases  with help of  the roller brush. you can select rubber doormat of your choice which comes  in various  designs and  it will work as your stencil. Now  lay doormat on canvases , making sure edges are even and the design is centered. After  Spray paint is dry, remove the mat. Now Hang the canvases.

Banana Smoothie

Banana Smoothie 
  • Two Banana
  • Honey-2 teaspoon
  • Milk- 1/2 cups
  •  A handful Of Cracked Ice
Preparation : Put the cracked ice into the blender. Peel the banana.Then slice it directly into blender. Add all other ingredients to the blender . Process  it thoroughly  mixed, now your  Banana smoothie is ready.

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