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Avocado body scrubs

Avocado body scrubs
  • One of the best avocado body scrubs you can try out to remove the dead skin on your body is avocado paste and rock salt. 
  • You need half a cup of paste mixed with 4 tablespoons of rock salt. Massage your body gently with this scrub once in a week. 
  • Mix a cup of avocado paste and yogurt to make a body scrub with a spoon of salt added to it. This will give you smooth and soft skin if done twice in a week.
  • If you have tan lines on your body, make an avocado body scrub with lemon and baking soda. Massage your body gently in circular motion once in two weeks.
  • To tighten your sagging skin, make an avocado body scrub along with honey and massage in horizontal motions over the sagging skin.
  • Make an avocado body scrub along with coffee granules. Use this scrub to help get rid of stretch marks on your body.


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