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Enamel Wire Flowers

Delicate flowers can be made of  wire and nail polish
Supplies: Jewellers wire, nail polish, tube, scissors.

  • Cut a long piece of wire to a length of about 40cm and bend over so that you have two strands of wire to work with.
  • Each petal shape is formed by wrapping wire around the tube  and then twisting the wire strands to create separate petals
  • The petals should be approximately 5mmin size
  • Dip the brush into the nail polish and fill will a large amount of polish 
  • Run the polish gently down the shape until varnish catches on the size
  • . Hold the petal in your hand until the varnish dries
  •  Let the first layer of varnish dry before applying a further
    three coats of varnish to your flowers
  •  Put in a safe place to dry over night before putting out on display

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  1. for pictures of flowers and trees made from wire and nailpolish


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