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Dark circle remedies

Dark circle remedies  :
  • Take half cup of wheat germ oil, half a cup of peach oil , 50 g  of lanolin. Put the lanolin and the oils in a container. Place container in a water bath over low heat. Apply every night 
  • Aloe vera pulp and cucumber. Gently rub a tittle aloe vera pulp under each eye. Cover with a cucumber s' ca.
  • Grate carrot and cucumber and place them on a gauze .  Put over closed eyes. 
  • Make a cream with an Oriental spice cabled turmeric mixed with pineapple juice. Apply to dark circles. 
  • Every night before bedtime apply castor or sweet almonds oils to dark circles. You will see an improvement in two weeks.
  •  Put 2 metal spoons in the freezer when they are completely cold take them out and press under your eyes till spoons are no longer cold.

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